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Uspensky (Assumption) Cave Monastery

Uspensky Assumtion Cave MonasteryOn tlie outskirts of Bakhchisarai, highlands were cut through by the scenic gorge Miiriam Dere, which in the Crimean-Tatar language means «a gorge of Maria». Many centuries ago, the Uspensky (Assumption) Monastery, one of the Crimea's oldest, appeared here. According to one of versions, it was founded in the VIII—IX centuries by Byzantine refugee monks, icon-worshippers. Since that time the church has become the main Christian stronghold in this area. But new researches dated the start of the monastery from the 7th - 8th centuries according to another version. The iconoclasm was initiated by Bysantine Emperor Leo III the Isaurian, who issued an ecloga against icon worship in 726. Later, Emperor Constantine V convoked the church council which condemned image worship as idoltary. Iconoclasm was only a reason for emperors to crush the economic might of the church.

Many hundred years, include Crimean Khanate Muslim times, the monastery was active. Soviet governmet closed the Assumption monastery in 1920s. But it was renewed after the Soviet Union collapse. Exotic, charming and peaceful place is waiting foe you also.

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