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Sevastopol Panorama 1It was as far back as 1905 that the biggest in Ukraine and famous even now panorama "Sevastopol Defence of 1854-1855" was open. It was created by the first Russian panoramist Frantz Roubaud. A 1610-square-meter painted canvas despicts a heroic deed of the participants of the firs defence of Sevastopol. The building erected by military engineer O. Enberg in 1904 to house a unique canvas painted bt academician Rubaud. After "Forbes" magazine Sevastopol Panorama occupies the eighth position in the list of world's 150 panoramas.

The defence of the city had to abandon any plans for an active use of combat vessels, as the allies` fleet was far superior: the British and French possessed steamships, whereas all the 14 ships of the Russian Fleet went under sails. Due to this circumstance, the Russian Headquartes were forced to have part of their vessels sunk to block a break-through of the enemy ships to the inner roadstead. In 1904 at the Primorsky Boulevard (sea front) in Sevastopol magnificent monument to commemorate sunk Russian ships was erected after a design of sculptor - academician Amandus Adamson. As high as 16 meters, the monument symbolized a steadfast fortitude of the Sevastopol defenders and since that time it has become an emblem of the city.

A long siege, bombardments, most severe assault to take the city in the August of 1855 - all this btought along the tragic outcome of the war for the Russians. On August 28, 1855 the Russian troops blew up their fortifications and abandoned the city. Having withstood an unexampled 349-day siege, the city of Sevastopol has won laurels of a "RussianTroy". After the Crimean campaign was over, the once-big city and port on the shore of the best in Europe natural harbours was just ruins.

Hearts of thousands people responded with enthusiasm to the following words of a participant of the defence and the great write to be, the young officer, Count Leo Tolstoy: "Long-remembered and deep will be in Russia the traces of this epic of Sevastopol, whose leading characyer was the Russian people". In his famous "Sevastopol Stories" the great author glorifies heroism of a rank-and-file Russian soldier, courage and generous nature of the Sevastopol citizens.

The Panorama in Sevastopol, painted one hundred years ago shows one day of the heroic defence of the town by Russian army, navy and civilians.

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