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Balaklava Town, Harbor, Medieval Fortress

Balaclava HarborBalaklava, being part of Greater Sevastopol, a surprise awaiting you, as a Christmatt. The low-rise waterfront promenade, from the pavement of which you can squat and reach the water; the neat white houses climbing up the slopes and, of course, the marina, the only in Ukraine pier for yachts. Most likely, the today’s name of the town originated from Greek Simbolon and Chembalo. Already in very old times Balaclava was inhabited. Excavations that are underway in the town have revealed that the Balaclava Bay might have been one of the stops Odissey made on his hardway home. The bay resembles very much the places described by Homer in his “Odyssey”.

Vestiges of Tauri, the oldest of the described peoples, who lived in the Crimea in the 5th century BC, have been identified here. Later here appeared Romans who laid out their military camp. Of other peoples who dwelt here the most noticeable was the presence of Genoese who built here Fortress Chembalo. Up to now the fortress`s ruins have dominated the town making it look romantic and mysterious. The town is recognized by artists and musicians who have been inspired by these places since time immemorial.

As a legend goes, it was in the vicinity of Balaclava that the pride of the British Fleet, the legendary “The Prince”, sank. According to the local fishermen, she carried wages to the British soldiers in the times of the Crimean War, but did not reach its destination, and sank with all the cargo on board. All the attempts to locate both the Prience and the gold failed, and the vessel was given the new name “The Black Prince”.

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