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St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky CathedralSt. Blessed Prince Alexandr Nevsky's Cathedral (2, Sadovaya str.) is the main orthodox cathedral of Yalta and one of the city sights. The construction of the Cathedral was closely connected with Russian Imperial House, patronized by St. Alexandr Nevsky. The Cathedral was build in honor of Russian Emperor Alexandr the Second,who died from rebel's hands. Famous Yalta engineer and ethnographer A.L. Bertie-Delagard headed the construction committee, which was founded on the 1st of March, 1890. Great money amounts were sacrificed by famous citizens Khvoshchinsky and I.F. Tokmakov, the area of a ground was given by baron A.L. Vrangel. The architects were N.P. Krasnov and P.K. Terebenev, whose project was approved personally by Emperor Alexandr the Third. On the day of the 10th anniversary of Emperor's death, the 1st of March, 1891, Empress Maria Fedorovna took part in putting on the first stone. The Cathedral sanctification was held on the 4th of December, 1902, with Emperor's Nikolay the Second, his family and retinue presence. 

Two-leveled, with opened galleries, Yalta Cathedral is built in neo-Russian style and is decorated by variable elements: pilasters, kiots, portals, little hearts, tent-like enter. It has beautiful view because of light-rose tones. Near the Cathedral there was built three-leveled belltower, in which 11 bells were casted in Moscow. Icons for the Cathedral were painted by painters from Mstera of Vladimirskaya province.
Interior was made out by architect S.P. Kroshechkin, the iconostasis, dome and the walls were painted by Kiev painter I.Murashko. Fresco with St. Prince on the outside of the Cathedral was made by students of Venetian A.Salviati. The domes of the Cathedral were covered with gold.
Near the Cathedral the church house in ancient Russian style was constructed by architect M.I. Kotenkov's project. In 1908 there was finished the building of three-floored house, where the parish school of the Prince Aleksey was situated; the tuberculosis patients shelter, the hall for gathering of Alexandr-Nevsky brotherhood were also located there.
The orthodox Alexandr-Nevsky brotherhood had been acting with charity, organizing of the parish schools and missionary activity. During the First World War the brotherhood organized medicine aid to injured, ambulatories and sanatoriums.
The first prior of the Cathedral, which is most lovely temple by Yalta citizens, was A.Y. Ternovsky, who ministered in Yalta church of Ioann Zlatoust before it.
In 1938 the temple was closed, bells were sent on recasting. In the Cathedral the sport club was organized, and the Teacher's House was based in the building of the school.
The worship service was renewed in 1942 after the establishment of the German administration in Crimea. After liberation of the Crimea the temple was registered as actual.
The placement of the parish school was returned only half-century later. Since 1995 the general education school is acting with 100 pupils in it.