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Tours From Sevastopol


    1. Sevastopol - Yalta __Yellow Route ~ 100 km

    2. Sevastopol - Yalta - Simferopol/Airport __Yellow __Blue ~ 200 km

    3. Sevastopol - Balaclava - Bakhchisaray - Sevastopol  __Yellow __Violet __Red ~ 130 km

    4. Sevastopol -Balaclava - Bakhchisaray - Simferopol/Airport __Yellow __Violet __Red ~ 130 km 

    5. Sevastopol - Bakhachisaray __Red ~ 50 km

    6. Sevastopol - Bakhchisaray - Simferopol/Airport __Red ~ 90 km

    7. Sevastopol - Bakhchisaray - Yalta __Red __Green ~ 140 km 

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  The bounds of Crimean Riviera on the shores of one of the best natural harbours of Europe Sevastopol, the town of the Russian glory, is situated. For about 200 years Sevastopol has been the main port of the BlacK Sea Fteet.

  In 1854 during the protracted war siege of the town, the first in the World nurse - sister of mercy appeared - that was Dasha Alexandrova, the seaman's daughter, who was given also the name Dasha Sevastopolskaya.
  One of the first in the World scientific institutes studying life in the sea was opened at Sevastopol at the end of the 19th century.
Visit Grafskaya pier, Malakhov burial-mound, Vladimirsky Cathedral, Sevastopol Art Museum with it's collection of Russian and West-European skilled craftsmen of the 16th - 20th centuries is kept - and the town's history of two past centuries wilt open up before you.
In the Drevnyaya (Antique) Street not far from Sevastopol, there is the museum in the open air - remains of ancient Khersones, the town founded by Greeks in 528 B. C. The words «impeachment" and «ostracizm» have served Russian archaelogists as the key to the above date problem In the Middle Ages. This town belonged to Byzanines and had the name of Korsun. Here, in 988. Kiev prince Vladimir adopted Christianity, from here spreaded through the Kievskaya (Kievan) Rus. With the aid of experienced guides you can find your own key to secrets of remote times.


  Sevastopol is a nice-looking city, but most overseas visitors will he in town because of an interest in the Crimean War. Some of that history is celebrated in city monuments. The Eagle Column (1904), atop a rock in the sea, commemorates Russian ships deliberately scuppered at the mouth of the harbour in 1854 to make it impossible for enemy ships to pass.

 The Admiral Nakhimov monument literally puts on a pedestal the man who led the city's sea and land defence. 

 The focus of Sevastopol's wartime memories is the painted Panorama  on a hill near the centre of town. A painting around the inner wall of a circular building is supplemented with 3-D props designed to bring the 349-day siege of Sevastopol to life.

 Behind the Panorama are several original gun emplacements and redoubts from the Crimean War. From here you can also see Russia's Black Sea Fleet still controversially nestling in South Bay, beside ships of the Ukrainian Navy.